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Frederick Goodall R.A.






Frederick Goodall R.A.




Frederick Goodall was born on September 17th, 1822, in St. John's Wood, London, the second son of Edward Goodall, renowned steel line engraver.  His mother was of Huguenot descent.  He was one of six brothers and four sisters and received his education at the Wellington Road Academy, a private school where Charles Dickens had attended.  Two of his brothers, Edward Angelo and Walter, became well known watercolour artists, and a sister Eliza, exhibited at the Royal Academy under her married name of Wild.   John Ruskin ,  Clarkson Stanfield, Augustus Pugin, David Roberts and of course Turner, were among regular visitors to the Goodall house  and encouraged Frederick and his brother Edward A. to take up the profession.  They spent their free time sketching at the zoo in Regent's Park,  the Albany Street Barracks and  along the banks of the Thames.  They watched the building of the tunnel at Rotherhithe and made friends with Tom Page, the engineer.  A chance meeting with Isambard Brunel led to Frederick's first commission:  six watercolour drawings showing the tunnel works, four of which were hung in the Royal Academy when Frederick was sixteen.  His first oil of a drowned miner won a silver medal of the Society of Arts.  The money he made from these paintings paid for a visit to Brittany with brother Edward A.  This visit to France and a subsequent tour in Ireland inspired the romantic and rustic scenes of village life influenced by David Wilkie, which, together with stirring historical episodes like Cranmer At Traitor's Gate, were Fred's next  Academy exhibits.  At the age of 20, he sold one for 100 guineas, and between 1838 and 1859 he exhibited 27 times.  He readily found patrons and purchasers and in 1852 was elected ARA.  Goodall's opportunity to widen his horizon came in 1858 when he was invited to accompany a group of friends to Egypt.  It was to be the turning point in his career and except for some portraits and a few English landscapes, his pictures , over 170 canvases in 46 years, shown in the Royal Academy alone, had Egypt as their setting.  It was fortunate for Goodall that few people shared Ruskin's view of the growing cult of the East, which he expressed about this time.  Holman Hunt, Edward Lear and J.F. Lewis were among the artists who had taken up residence in Cairo.

 In the autumn of 1858, Goodall rented an old house in the Coptic quarter with Carl Haag, who had been drawing master to Queen Victoria.  Each morning they rode out into the surrounding countryside, sketching wherever they went.  They crossed the desert to Suez, sleeping in huts that had sheltered British troops in the Crimea  and then served as stations on the overland pilgrim route to Mecca.  They camped for weeks with Bedouin tribesmen  and narrowly escaped stoning while trying to paint portraits in the busy markets.   Goodall describes in his reminiscences the fascination of the colourful seething crowds in the bazaar,  the jostling camels in the narrow streets overhung with quaint carved balconies, the stillness of the mosques, the Sphinx by moonlight, the sail of a felucca on the Nile, the vast mystery of the desert.  The two friends were very hospitable.  They entertained eminent travelers and visiting artists and the household became renowned for its plum pudding made from a special family recipe.  At the end of his seven month stay in Egypt, he packed  130 oil sketches with sheets of buttered paper to separate them and prevent them  from sticking along with many watercolour sketches and countless pencil drawings, and shipped them back to London. Carl Haag left Egypt for Jerusalem and other places in the region to continue his painting.  A month later, Goodall returned to London to begin work on large canvases inspired by these sketches.  Goodall would paint many large oil paintings over the next decade with his first Orientalist work being Early Morning in the Wilderness of Shur in 1860 which was exhibited at the Academy that year and brought much praise from critics and fellow artists including Landseer and Roberts.  This picture is full of colour and movement and sold for 1000 guineas to eventually hang in the Guildhall Art Gallery in London.

 By now Goodall was earning ten thousand pounds a year which was a huge sum at the time. In 1869 the Royal Academy moved to their new galleries in Burlington House and Goodall was invited to exhibit 50 of his studies completed during his 1858/59 stay in Egypt which was an Academy record.  Almost immediately the entire lot was purchased by the famous art dealer Ernest Gambart for 6000 pounds.  Gambart sold all fifty before the end of the exhibition with fifteen of them alone going to the Duke of Westminster. 

Frederick Goodall was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1852, a full member in 1863, and his brother Edward A. became a full member of the Society of Painters in Water Colours in the same year.

 In 1870 Edward, Frederick and his two sons F. Trevelyan and Howard returned to Egypt and stayed in the house of Mariette-Bey, the archaeologist, near Sakkara.  Frederick would travel by donkey carrying the custom built sketch box given to him by friend and fellow artist Rosa Bonheur and often joined the Bedoin briefly in their travels.  He soon traveled and camped with the Bedouin for months at a time painting their simple and ancient customs and the many other facets of their life in the desert.  He had grown a beard and was often seen dressed in white and wearing a red fez.  They filled their sketch books and collected material for Frederick's pictures:  Draperies and robes for the models, carved doors and paneling from old Cairene houses to provide backgrounds for harem scenes.  Fred was meticulous -  he even brought back a herd of Egyptian goats and a flock of sheep.

Some years earlier, Goodall had purchased 110 acres on the Harrow Weald from the Marquis of Abercorn.  The actual purchase took place in 1856 but he was unable to build until the expiry of a lease.  The ancient Grime's Dyke earthwork as it was known at that time, ran through the property.  The fosse was dammed at one end to make a stretch of ornamental water in the midst of which Goodall placed the statue of Charles the 2nd from Soho Square given to him by a wealthy neighbour and patron,   Mr. Thomas Blackwell (of Cross & Blackwell fame).  On Fred's return from Egypt the second time, he left London and turned over his premises and studio in Camden Square to artist friend Alma Tadema.  On his property at Harrow, he had built a brick and timber house fantastically gabled with immensely high chimneys and surrounded it with conifers and exotic shrubs.  It was completed in 1872 and coincided with his second marriage to Alice Mary Tarry, age 22, daughter of  lawyer Thomas William Tarry.  The architect of their new home was Norman Shaw, who designed the studio-palaces for other successful artists such as Kate Greenaway and Luke Fildes.  The name of "Grime's Dyke" did not sound fitting for the new house, so Shaw suggested that it should be called Graeme's Dyke.   Here Gooodall entertained artists and society including the Prince of Wales and Charles Dickens.   The Egyptian sheep lay about on piles of sand and visitors fed them with dates.  While at Graeme's Dyke,  Goodall painted some 30 large biblical pictures for Mr. Blackwell, who built a special gallery to hold them in his home.   

Goodall now had two young children to educate and he was finding that he needed to be closer to London.  Graeme's Dyke was reluctantly sold to Mr.Heriot the banker who then sold it to Mr. W. S. Gilbert ( Gilbert & Sullivan) around 1890.  The house today is the beautiful Grim's Dyke Hotel,  one of the finest to be found anywhere.  After returning to London, it is interesting to note that Goodall purchased the home "Rosenstead" originally owned by Ernest Gambart on Avenue Road. (Rosenstead at 62 Avenue Road built in 1839 by developer W.H.Twentyman )  Gambart was now living in Nice in his newly built marble mansion.

Frederick Goodall continued painting into the 20th century.  One of his last works in 1901 titled "The Snake Charmer" was sent to Marlborough House for His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, to inspect. 

When Frederick Goodall died in 1904 there were examples of his work in many art galleries in addition to the Tate and the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Unfortunately,  a number of the Egyptian oil sketches shown in the Academy Exhibition of 1869 along with other works were destroyed in the last war.    Although very wealthy at the height of his career, his income dwindled during his final years and by the time of his death he was bankrupt.

 Frederick Goodall is buried at Highgate Cemetery in London along with family members.



Below you will find selected images and letters, Royal Academy exhibits,  followed by an ongoing list of his paintings.     To view some his paintings, remember to click on  IMAGES in the navigation buttons at the top of the page. 



An early publicity photo


Freds letter0.jpg (134382 bytes)Freds letter2.jpg (232626 bytes)

1874 letter written to his brother Edward A. Goodall from Graemes Dyke.


Publicity photo circa 1869


Frederick's Portrait from the Illustrated London News 1863


Cover and inside page of bankruptcy auction catalogue, November 11th, 1902

Photocopy from original sale catalogue belonging to the National Portrait Gallery, London; please email for further details."


Fred Goodall letter 2.jpg (145758 bytes)

Letter written from his London home "Rosenstead" 62 Avenue Rd.

Donated by Mr. Don Kurtz


Circa 1880

Photo courtesy of Robin Thomas


Oil portrait by Nephew Thomas Edward Goodall

Pencil portrait by Walker Hodgson 1891


A self portrait by Fred Goodall found in a London antique shop in the 1950s by his nephew and art restoration specialist, Stewart S. Goodall.  It is believed that this portrait was one of the many works of art that went up for auction in 1902.  It has been donated to the National Portrait Gallery in London.



Photo of Frederick Goodall in his studio featured in the April 30th 1902 edition of the Tatler.

Courtesy of Michael Stewart


Frederick Goodall photo at his London residence.  Circa 1895


Fred Goodall at work.jpg (69280 bytes)

The artist at work

Donated by Mr. Don Kurtz



"Rosenstead"  Frederick Goodall's home at 62 Avenue Rd. purchased in the late 1880s from Ernest Gambart.  An elevation drawing by architect George Sherrin showing a proposed addition on the left.  The house was originally built in 1839 by developer W.H. Twentyman.



Late 20th century photo of 4 Camden Square  occupied by Frederick Goodall and his family between 1850 and 1870.  It was later occupied by artists Laurence Alma Tadema, James Murray and Frank Holl. 





Frederick Goodall's home. The Art Journal, 1881

Click HERE to see an interior view.


Self portrait


Fred Goodall Letter 3.jpg (156202 bytes)

1861 letter to Thomas Agnew, London art dealer and patron.


Florence Goodall B. 5 Nov 53 with Florrie Tarry.  Florence was the daughter of Frederick and Anne Goodall.  1868.

Photo courtesy of Robin Thomas


Mrs. Fred Goodall.jpg (103423 bytes)

Mrs. Frederick Goodall 1890


Alice Goodall, second wife of Frederick Goodall taken in


Photo courtesy of Robin Thomas


Rica.jpg (100824 bytes)

Daughter Rica Goodall 1894


Frederick Goodall's wife, Alice Goodall 1873


F.Goodall RA 1.jpg (96163 bytes)

Royal Academy exhibits



F.Goodall RA 2.jpg (164200 bytes)

Royal Academy exhibits



F.Goodall RA 3.jpg (130445 bytes)

Royal Academy exhibits



F. Goodall RA 4.jpg (297926 bytes)

Royal Academy exhibits



F. Goodall RA 5.jpg (311558 bytes)

Royal Academy exhibits



F. Goodall RA 6.jpg (19028 bytes)

Frederick Goodall's last Royal Academy exhibit in 1902





The following is an alphabetical list of Frederick Goodall's known paintings and drawings.  Many scenes were not titled and so a descriptive name was often given over the years.  The date on the R.A. paintings is the year exhibited. 

50 sketches and small paintings made in Egypt 1858 & 1859  Exhibited in 1869. RA

A Camel in a Crowded Street  1861

A Distraction From Chores  1845

A Helping Hand

A street scene in Cairo      One of many street scenes painted

A Summer's Day 1863

A Time for Prayer 1881

A Young Arab

Abdication of Mary Queen of Scots

After the Heat of the Day - 1900  RA  - purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Afterglow RA 1893 

Agriculture in the Nile Valley 1875 RA

Alice. 1872 RA

Alms on the Lagune - 1857 - painted in Venice

Already He Knew - 1885 RA

An Eastern Maid

An Intruder on the Bedouin Pasture - Purchased by Mr. J.N. Mappin of Sheffield

Ancient Causeway Leading to the Pyramids 1898 RA

Ancient Waterway

Anderson Critchett Esq. 1898 RA

Angel's Whisper 1849

Apple Blossom

Arab Boy Resting 1858   One of the sketches from his 58/59 stay in Egypt.

Arab Dealer

Arab Encampment

Arab Girl        An 1871 head and shoulders portrait.

Arab Improvisatore 1873 RA

Arab Messenger at the Well  (see A Cup of Water at the Well) Purchased by Arthur Burnand

Arab Nomads

Arab Outpost in the Sinai Desert with the Hills of Moses, 1897

Arab Portrait    

Arab Street

Arab School

Arab Scout 1870

Arab Sheikh 1858

Arab Warrior 1858

Arabian Watergirl

Arabian Encampment at the Wells of Moses (Early Morning in the Wilderness) - 1860- RA  a ten foot canvas - the first of the Egyptian paintings  hung at the Royal Academy.   Purchased by Mr. Duncan Dunbar for 1000 guineas.

Arabs Crossing a Flooded Field 1895

Arabic Boat Scene 1862

Arrest of a Peasant Royalist 1855 RA

Arrival at the Well 1882 RA

Artist and Model 1881 daughter Rica artist, and pet Pug the model RA

Artist's Daughter 1898 RA  Rica dressed in white satin.

Artist's Wife, 1891

At the Well 1870

At the Garden Door

Baptism - awarded a prize of 50 pounds by the British Institution

Bather and the Ibis

Bazaar Scene

Bazaar in Cairo

Bazaar Pedlar

Beachy Head 1896 RA

Beatrice, (Lady Garnock) daughter of John Shaw Esq. 1892 RA

Bedouin Hunter

Bedouin Mother and Child 1872 RA

Bedouin Woman - 1871

Bedouin Girl

Bedouin on a Camel - 1870

Bedouin Forage Party

Bedouin Encampment near Sakara  1890s

Bedouin Shepherdess 1892  

Bedouin In The Nile Valley 1896

Bedouin Women Getting Water For The Camp On A Misty Morning  1895  

Bedouins In The Desert 1898

Bedouins moving to Fresh Pastures

Bedouins rejoicing at the Rising of the Nile.

Bedtime 1845   Small painting of a young woman with an infant in a cradle.  Cottage scene.

Betrayal of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane

Blind Fiddler

Boy on a Feluca 1896

Breton Courtship 1857

Brick makers in Egypt

Brittany Dance 1857 RA

By the Sea of Galilee 1888 RA

By the Still Waters of the Overflow

Cairo Bazaar  1891

Cairo 1871 An Oasis   One of many oasis paintings.  Small on panel.

Cairo Merchant

Cairo outside the Fens 1883 RA  See also "Outside the Fens"

Cairo portrait       A small head and shoulders portrait of a well dressed man in Cairo

Cairo Street Scene 1870

Cairo Street       One of the many studies of Cairo streets and people.  These small canvases and panels were usually untitled.

Cairo Street 1875

Cairo Woman 1866

Camels Resting from the day's journey.   Inscribed Cairo.  1870

Camels Resting in the desert.  A small watercolour of the above.  1894

Camels Watering-1894

Card Players - Interior of a Cabaret, Normandy. 1839 RA

Causeway Road To Cairo, 1899

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - a small portrait

Celebrated Sidney Oak in Penshurst Park (Exhibited at the Great Exhibition of 1851)

Chasing Butterflies  1890

Charles Randell Esq. 1890

Children in the Wood      Was identified in the Illustrated London News of 1862 as being in the Flatou collection.

Children of Charles 1st.  Other titles include Queen Henrietta Maria and her children on the river.  1853

Christ Blessing Little Children

Christ by the Sea of Galilee - name of patron never disclosed as the picture was deposited at the People's Place for the poor to enjoy in the East end of London. It was 14 ft in length, the largest ever painted. 1888 RA

Clearing the Sugar Cane 1899

Cloud Shadows over sea and Land - Beachy Head 1896 RA

Coffee Shop 1871

Coffee Shop - 1883 RA First painting after leaving Graeme's Dyke

Collecting water, 1871    Small watercolour signed with monogram

Connamara Market Girls Bathing their Feet Before Entering Town.1845 RA

Conscript Leaving Home 1845 purchased by Vice Chancellor Wigram

Conscription 1851

Copt Mother and Child 1875  watercolour.

Cottage Interior  circa 1844.   Sold by auction at bankruptcy sale 1902

Cranmer At Traitors' Gate- exhibited in 1856- RA   purchased by Sir Julian Goldsmid

Crimea 1862    Small watercolour of a battle scene

Crossing the Desert 1883 RA

Cup of Water at the Well - 1864  RA  (also known as The Arab Messenger at the Well)(A Messenger from Sinai at the Well of Moses.)  Purchased by Arthur Burnand.

Cup of Water at the Roadside Well...may be the same as above.

Cup of Water 1893 Drawing RA

Cutting Fodder for the Camp purchased by Mr. Julius Wernher

Cutting Rushes by the Nile

Daughters of Laban  RA  1878                 

David and Bathsheba (David's Promise) - 1888  RA   purchased by Sir Joseph Montefiore

Day of Rest at the Old Home - 1889-    RA  the house where Mr. Thomas Blackwell was born. Painted as a gift to his daughter Rica.

Day of Palm Offering 1875 RA

Departure of the Brittany Conscript

Departure of the Emigrant Ship - 1848-  RA   purchased by Lord Overstone

Desert Wells  -  Many paintings were made of desert scenes with camels, people and wells.  They were not large works and most were un named.

Devonshire Cattle at Oshey Place - Purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Dolce Far Niente 1889     See Dream of Paradise

Draught Players - purchased by Sir Walter James

Dream of Paradise 1889 RA 

Driving Home the Geese 1898 RA

Dwellers in Tents Purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Early Morning in the Wilderness of Shur.   See "Arab encampment at the Wells of Moses."

Eastern scene with shepherd leading flock of sheep    Was featured in the 1891 Fine Art Society catalogue.

Egyptian Flower Girl

Egyptian landscape with ruins of Luxor, watercolour with monogram

Egyptian Pastoral  1880 RA

Egyptian Tambourine Girl 1863 RA

Egyptian Woman and Child 1879

Egyptian Village on the Banks of the Nile 1898 RA

Egyptian scene - a shepherd and sheep

Encampment in the Desert

End of the Day  1889

Entering a Church in Brittany 1840

Eton from the North Terrace 1897  RA  purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell.


Evening on the Nile

Evening Prayer to Allah  1897

Evening Prayer in the West

Fair at Fougeres 1842

Fairy Struck Child - 1846

Family of Farmers 1888

Feeding the Chickens   circa 1845

Feeding the Swans.  (The three eldest children of Charles 1st at Hever Castle. )

Felice Ballarin reciting "Tasso" to the people of Chioggia - 1859 RA purchased by Arthur Burnand

Figures by a Well, 1862

Figures on the Nile with Pyramids Beyond

Finding of Moses 1862

Finding of Moses 1885 purchased by the Dore Gallery.   Presently (2013) in Paris at the Musee Jacquemart-Andre

Finding the Dead Body of a Miner in the Thames Tunnel 1838 Won silver medal at the Society of the Arts

First Born - 1861 RA

Flight into Egypt (considered by Goodall to be his finest work) 1884 RA (Note - at least one smaller copy made) On permanent                                 display in the Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui, in the North Island of New Zealand.

Folkstone Kent 1900

Ford from the Village...during the overflow of the Nile 1896 RA - Purchased by Mr. Wightman

Fording the Stream     1852-1858

French Peasant Children, 1845

French Soldiers Playing at Cards in a Cabaret 1839 RA

Frosty Morning in London 1839

Fruit Woman of Cairo 1875 RA

Garden of Gethsemane 1902 RA Sketch

Giza  scene with camels figure and sheep at the water 1884

Gilded Cage 1898 -RA  purchased by Mr. Corey Wright

Gladstone 1894 & 1899 RA Sent to Marlborough House by Royal Command for viewing.

Glencoe 1877 RA

Going to Vespers 1846 RA

Gordon Entering Khartum - unfinished sketch

Gordon's Last Messenger - 1885 RA Purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Graeme's Dyke, The Levels, Harrow Weald 1872 RA

H.E. Juler Esq. 1899 RA

Hagar and Ishmael in the Desert-1866- RA  greatly admired by Mr. Gladstone and Purchased by Mr.Arthur C. Burnand.  Following his death in 1879, the painting was eventually put up for sale by Christies in March of 1892 and  sold to a Mr. Clark.  The dimensions given were 54"x96" 

Hagar and Ishmael  1879 RA.   Oil on panel.  Provenance:  A. C. Armitage, before 1884, Thomas  Agnew & Sons, Manchester, England, A. Chapman, Ltd., Taunton, Great Britain, included in estate items of music legends John and June Carter Cash, 2004.  Exhibited at the Royal Academy, Huddersfield, England, Fine Art and Industrial Exhibition, 1883, Leeds, England, Municipal Art Gallery Loan Collection, 1888

Hannah and Samuel

Happier Days of Charles the 1st - Goodall studied the Vandyck portraits at Windsor Castle of Charles and Henrietta Maria and the children with permission of Queen Victoria, while painting this picture. 1853 RA

Hannah and Samuel

Hannah's Vow 1880 RA

Harrow on the Hill - 1889 RA purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Harvesting Sugar Cane 1878

Head of the House of Prayer - 1872 RA purchased by Mr. Schwabe.  A Mr. Heugh was listed as the owner when it was exhibited at the Paris Exhibition of 1878.

Henry Blyth - 1898 RA

Highland Cattle 1876. Exhibited at the Universal Exposition in 1878. Purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

High Society 1861

Hever Castle in the Time of Charles 1st. See also Feeding the Swans and

Holy Childhood 1880 RA

Holy Mother 1885 RA

Holy Mother 1875 RA  In the Queensland Art Gallery Collection

Holy Mother and Dove

Holy Well

Homely Meal - Brittany

Hon. Mrs. Devereux 1892 RA

Hunt the Slipper 1849 RA

Hymn to a Virgin 1858

In Grandmother's Chair - portrait of Rica seated in a blue velvet chair - never finished

Infant Moses in the arms of Jochebed

Infant Samuel

Interior of the Thames Tunnel 1838 RA

Interior of a cottage

Intruder on the Bedouin's Pasture 1876 RA

Irish Courtship 1846

Irish Eviction

Irish Piper 1847   Painting bequeathed to the V &A Museum by Mr. John Jones in 1882

Isle of Llandowin

Isles of Loch Lomond 1891 RA Purchased by Mr. Cory-Wright

Isolated Village 1885 RA

Italian Girl and Child 1863

Italian Woman in peasant costume watercolour circa 1842

Italian Girl Circa 1844

J.C. Deverell 1900 RA

Jessie's Dream 1858

Jochebed - 1870- RA

Jochebed 1893 purchased by Mr. Alec Crossman

John Barrow 1891 RA

John Vooght 1851 A child's portrait

Kissar Player

La Fete de Marriage - 1843 - purchased by Sir Charles Coote for 400 guineas

Laban's Pasture 1895 RA purchased by Mr. Corey Wright

Ladies playing the viola and spinet.  Watercolour with monogram.

Lady Grantley 1888 RA

Lambeth Palace - watercolour commissioned by Mr. Horsman Solly for two guineas at age 14

Last Load 1852 RA           Elected A.R.A. this year.

Le Bon Cure 1845 RA       Purchased by Thomas Baring

Leading the Flock - Early morning Cairo    1889 RA    purchased by Mr. Samuel Blackwell

Leading the Flock  1889  (a smaller painting)

Leaving a Church in Brittany 1840 RA

Leaving the Village  Circa 1865

Letter from Papa Circa 1855

Light of the Rising Sun on the Pyramids 1897

Loch Lomond   -  see Queen of Scottish Lakes

Market Cart 1900 RA  purchased by Mr. H.J. Allcroft RA

Market Day   Possibly in Morocco looking down a street to buildings on a hillside.

Market People at Brittany

Marriage Procession, 1870, donated to the Rochdale Art Gallery in 1903.

Mary wearing a blue robe and holding a white dove.

Mary Caroline, Duchess of Sutherland 1897 RA

Mater Dolorosa-1868 RA

Mater Purissima-1868 RA- both paintings engraved by Samuel Cousins and published by Ernest Gambart

Medinella Magnifica -  study of the large flower

Meeting of Jacob and Rachael

Meeting at the Pool

Memphis 1882 RA  purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Merrymaking 1841

Messenger from Sinai at the Wells of Moses.  1864 RA

Miracle of St. Mark - Venice - a copy of a painting by Tintoretto

Misery and the Mercy 1887 RA  Saved from a fire at the residence on Avenue Rd. by Alice Goodall

Miss Logan 1900 RA

Mosque of Sultan Hassan

Mother and child      Several paintings were done at different times of a mother and child.  Sometimes                                      mistaken for The Palm Offering.

Moving to Fresh Pastures  1880 RA   purchased by Sir Thomas Lucas

Mrs. Charles Oats 1891 RA

Mrs. Frederick Goodall 1890 RA

Mrs. John Barrow 1891 RA

Mrs. Juler

Mrs. Phipps Eyre 1890 RA

Mystery of the Past (a picture of the Sphinx) 1901 RA   purchased by Col. Twyford

New Light in the Harem 1884 RA purchased by the Walker Art Gallery

New Light in the Harem 1885    A smaller version of the above painting.

Nubian Coffee Bearer 1863 RA   A smaller watercolour was also done in the same year.

Nubian Leading a Laden Camel by the Nile 1885


Oasis, Camel and Sheep

Of the Kindom of Heaven  Oil on paper

Old And Young Come Forth To Play 1847

Old Maid 1886   RA   daughter Rica and the daughter of Linley Sambourne playing cards

Old Home 1889 a painting of the house in Soho Square where Samuel Blackwell was born

On the Banks of the Nile - 1895

On the Nile,  watercolour

On the Fringe of the Desert - circa 1884

On the Road to Mecca - 1881-RA  Purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell of Harrow

On the Road to Mandalay - 1899   RA   purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

On the road to Market

Opium Bazaar Cairo 1863 RA

Oxhey Place, Herts 1878 RA

Ottoman Army Review

Outside the Gates of Cairo - 1896 RA

Outside the Fens 1883 RA

Overflow of the Nile    Many paintings were done showing the Nile overflow.  Most of the smaller scenes were untitled.

Palm Sunday - Rica holding a willow blossom

Palm Grove 1894   RA  

Palm Sunday 1878 - wife Alice is represented sitting in the bay window at Graeme's Dyke

Palm Sunday   RA 1878  May be same as above  

Palm Offering 1863 RA    Elected to the R.A. this year. purchased by Sir Thomas Lucas.  Smaller copies were also made.

Paris in 1848       A print of same featured in the Illustrated London News of 17 Feb 1849

Parthenope 1891 RA

Passing the Cross 1843 RA

Passionate Encounter

Pastoral Bedouin 1902 RA

Penny For a Song 1842  see also The Troubadours

People of Chioggia - Purchased by Arthur Burnand

Pets of the Harem purchased by May Duchess of Sutherland

Pipe Smoker

Ploughing - purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Ploughman and the Shepherdess- 1897-RA  presented to the Tate Gallery.

Portraits   Frederick Goodall did numerous untitled portraits and character studies.  Often on small panels, they featured people of all ages.

Portrait of an elderly Arab or Rabbi

Portrait of Sadi Effendi - a Mohammedan gentleman from Egypt

Portraits of Mr. Thomas Blackwell and his grand children

Portrait of Mrs. Charles Kettlewell, R.A. 1891

Portrait of Lady Grantley 1888 RA

Portrait of John Malcolm in uniform in Egypt

Portrait of wife of Sir John McNeil 1872

Portrait of Mr. Deverell

Portrait of Lady Dorothy Neville  1893 R.A.

Portrait of Edward Goodall

Portrait of Frederick Goodall's son

Portrait of Beatty Kingston

Portrait of Alice Goodall, wife 1872 RA

Portrait of The Artist's wife, Alice Tarry Goodall 1873

Portrait of Frederick Goodall...self.  There are at least two - one in pastel pencil and the other in oil.

Portrait of  Marchesa de Santurce

Portrait of Rica in a blue dress.....probably the painting Rica, 1894  R.A.

Portrait of Rica sitting in the bay window of Graeme's Dyke with pencil in hand and sketch book with a kitten.

Portraits of Mr and Mrs Barrow and Mrs Oats 1890 RA

Portraits of Miss. Logan and Miss.Deverell 1899

Portrait of Miss. Isabella Wilson

Portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Barrow at their shooting-house Dornoch Castle

Portrait of Mrs. Phipps Ayre

Portrait of the Rt. Hon. W.E. Gladstone

Portrait of Sir Oscar Clayton

Portraits of a young girl and boy in matching oval frames, possibly family members, in watercolour.


Preparing Wool for the Market

Procession      circa 1860

Puritan and Cavalier - 1886 RA  son Frederick (Fritz) and daughter Rica are subjects

Queen of Scottish Lakes - purchased by Mr. Cory-Wright of Northwood Highgate.

Rachael and her Flock 1893 RA

Rachel and her Flock - exhibited in 1875 & 1893 at the R.A. in the centre of the Great Room RA

Rachel. 1867- RA   Purchased by Mr.H. Bolckow.  Exhibited at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878.

Rachel as First Seen by Jacob. 1895 RA purchased by Mr. Corey Wright

Rachel and Ruth-RA  1895

Raising the May-pole- 1851 RA

Rebecca 1881 RA

Rebekah and Abraham's Servant at the Well-1867 RA  -purchased by Mr. Bolckow

Reception of Said Pasha

Resting at the Oasis

Resting the Yoked Oxen

Return from Mecca 1881 RA  purchased my Major Shuttleworth

Return From Christening -1841   a commission from Mr. Wells, a trustee of the National Gallery

Return of a Pilgrim from Mecca, his Purse Bearer Distributing Alms to the Poor.  1862 RA

Returning from the Labour of the Day

Returning from the Pasture 1883 RA

Returning from the Well    1867

Rica 1894 RA

Rising of the Nile -1865 RA - purchased by Sir John Pender RA  A small version was purchased by Theophilus Burnand.

Road to Mecca 1881 RA - purchased by Thomas Blackwell

Roadside Well and Water Trough

Robert Blackwell Esq. 1892 RA

Rosa Bonheur painting highland cattle  circa 1858.       The following provenance provided by the University of Indiana Art Museum. 

?–1875, Collection of R. C. Naylor, Hooton Hall, Chester, England.  August 7, 1875, "Contents of Hooton Hall," Christie, Manson & Woods, Chester. (auction on the premises of Hooton Hall, Chester, cat. no. 856). Purchased by F. J. Pilgeram of the Lefèvre Gallery. 1875–?, with the Lefèvre Gallery, London.  ca. 1890–ca. 1910, Collection of Henry J. Heinz, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?–1998, Collection of Morton C. Bradley, Jr., Arlington, Massachusetts1998, Gift to IU Art Museum from Morton C. Bradley

Rt. Hon. Sir John McNeill, G.C.B.  1872  RA

Ruins of Egypt  sketch

Rustic Music 1842

Ruth 1895 RA purchased by Mr. Corey Wright

Sailor's Farewell 1848

Sarah and Isaac 1879 RA

School of Sultan Hassan,  1861 RA

Searching for Water, 1861

Seller of Doves 1875 RA

Several small pictures of Egypt 1862

Shadows over Sea and Land, Beachy Head - 1896-

Sheep Shearing in Egypt - 1892- RA  purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell and exhibited at the Paris Exhibition

Sheep Washing near the Pyramids of Geezeh 1876 RA

Sheikh distributing alms  1865

Sheikh's Daughter

Sheikh's Daughter Sowing the Dourah 1889

Sheikh's Evening Prayer

Sheikh in a Desert -1870

Sheikh and his Flocks 1893 Drawing RA

Shepherd Boy and Sheep near old Cairo

Shepherdess and Her Flock at Eventide 1896 RA purchased by Mr. Derenberg

Shepherdess and her Flock

Shepherdess and her flock at a pool of water left by the overflow of the Nile.

Shepherds at Gizeh  1895

Shepherds Watching their Flocks by Night

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi - 1870 - purchased by Mr. Samuel Blackwell of Harrow

Sick Child

Sir James Blyth 1899 RA

Sir Oscar Clayton  C.M.G. 1890 RA

Sir Wemyss Reid 1899 RA

Sir Moses Montefiore 1890 RA  painted in honour of his 100th year.

Sisters with Flowers 1868

Site of Ancient Memphis - purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Six water colour drawings of "Working State of Thames Tunnel" Commissioned by Sir Benjamin Horsley

Snake Charmer 1901 RA sent by Royal Command to Marlborough House to be inspected by His Majesty

Soldier of the Old Guard Describing the Battle of Austerlitz in a Farrier's Shop 1841 RA

Soldier Defeated in a Game of Draughts 1840

Soldier's Dream - hung at the British Institution 1844

Song of the Nubian Slave 1864 RA      Diploma work.

Sowing the Dhurra 1899 purchased by Mr. Julius Wernher

Sowing and Watering

Spanish Peasants Retreating Before the French Enemy 1846 RA

Spinners and Weavers- 1893 & 1895 Drawing  RA  purchased by Mr. Knox d'Arcy

Spinning Wool at the Pastures 1889

Spirit of the Dove- 1885-RA   purchased by Frederick Gordon

Spring  Purchased by Thomas Blackwell    Exhibited at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878

Stranger in the Tent

Street Musician 1870 

Subsiding of the Nile - 1873- RA  painted at Graeme's Dyke Harrow - exhibited at Burlington House and purchased by Ernest Gambart for 1200 guineas. Sold to William Agnew and then to a Mr. Orr of Glasgow.  Like many of his paintings, he made copies and one was sold to Sir Merton Russell Cotes.  It now hangs in the Russell Cotes Museum in Bournemouth.

Sudden Rising of the Nile

Summer Song 1864 RA

Sunrise at Giza


Susanna 1886 RA purchased by Mr. Knox D'arcy of Stanmore Hall

Susanna Without The Elders

Swing 1854 RA

Sword of the Faithful 1884  RA   purchased by Mr. Heriot the banker

Thames Tunnel 1838 RA - 4 pictures

Thames from Windsor Castle 1890 RA


The blind Arab and his guide 1870

The Cobbler

The Evening Meal   1884

The Father's Blessing  1854       Auctioned in 1896 as part of the Charles Thomas Lucas estate by Christies.

The Grace

The Grand Bazaar 1859

The Piper   1848

The Post Boy   circa 1842-46

The Potteries

The Prayer, 1862

Three Women Singers 1859 Purchased by the Duke of Westminster

Time of Roses 1877  RA  portrait of daughter Rica in the arms of Alice Goodall   Exhibited and the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1878

Time of the Overflow 1880 RA - Purchased by Thomas Blackwell.  In 1896 it was part of the estate of Charles Thomas Lucas that was auctioned by Christies.

Time of Inundation 1882  (The way from the village)

Tired Soldier Resting at a Roadside Well at Brittany 1842 RA

Tired Gleaners

Travelers by the Nile  circa 1895

Trespassers - 1886 RA

Troubadours 1842   See also Penny For A Song

Two studies of the flower Medinella magnifica - actual size from nature Vernon Gallery. 1847

Unloading Cotton on the Nile

Valley of the Nile - 1893

Veux-tu la Tendresse, Me Voila Jenny  1857  RA

Veteran of the Old Guard describing one of Napoleon's battles - interior of a Ferrier's shop 1841 RA

View from the North Terrace Windsor 1890 RA  Queen Victoria retained the original study for this picture.

Views of Cairo - 1861

Village (possibly The Ford from the Village) 1896 RA  purchased by Mr. Wightman

Village of Metrahenny

Village Well 1897

Village Holiday - 1847  purchased by Mr. Vernon a wealthy horse dealer.  

Village Post Office

Waif of the Village - Purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Waiting for the Boat, Gulf of Suez, 1872

Waiting for the Excursion Boat...may be the same as above

Waiting for the Boat on the Banks of the Nile - 1896

Waiting for the Dahabeyah, on the banks of the Nile 1893

Watching for the Boat on the Nile - purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Water Bearers 1878

Water Carrier- 1871

Water Carriers  - 1889

Water Carrier 1896

Water of the Nile - 1893 RA  Purchased by Mr. Smallman and presented to the Corporation Art Gallery

Water for the Camp 1879 & 1883 RA

Water Carriers of Egypt 1877 RA Purchased by Mr. Thomas Blackwell

Water Carriers of the Nile

Water and Fodder for the Camp 1902 RA

Water for the Camp...may be the same as above

Watercolours (40) depicting daughter Rica's early life at Graeme's Dyke.

Watering the Camels 1897

Watering the Goats 1884

Watering Hole circa 1884

Way to the Village 1893  Drawing RA

Way from the Village - 1896- purchased by Mr. Charles Wightman

Way from the Village at the time of inundation. 1883 RA

Wedding Dance, Brittany  1857 RA


When the merry bells ring round etc." 1847 RA

When Shepherds Watched their Flocks by Night 1902 RA sketch  Frederick's last exhibit in the R.A.

Widow's Benefit Ball - 1844 sent to the French International Exhibition and purchased by Vice-Chancellor Sir James Wigram who had purchased it.

Widow of Nain -  1869 & 1874

Willesden Church - 1836 watercolour commissioned by Mr. Horsman Solly for two guineas when Fred was age 14

Winnowing Corn in Brittany 1858

Woman and Child

Woman from Cairo 1866            See Cairo Woman

Woman from Lower Egypt

Woodsman's House 1850 RA

Wool for the Cargo Boat - 1900- RA purchased by Mr. Gray RA

Workers Seeking Shade - an early watercolour from the 1840s

Wounded Soldier Returned to his Family, visited by a Sister of Charity 1844 RA purchased by the Marquis of Lansdowne

Young Arab Boy with his Goats - 1896 purchased by Miss Crossman

Young Bedouin's Bath at the Pool

Young Child       A study of a blond haired girl about age 3 posing next to a large pillar.

Zuela Gate, Cairo. 1862 RA


Much of the following information is from the book "Frederick Goodall, R.A." by N.G. Slarke 1981



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Morning Prayer, Egypt

Self-portrait (Macdonald Collection of Artists' Portraits)

Biblical Arts Center, Dallas Texas

Rebekah At The Well

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A Fairy Scene

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The Rising of the Nile

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The Happier Days of Charles 1

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The Return of a Pilgrim From Mecca

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Spanish Peasants Retreating from the French Army

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An Irish Eviction

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Market People of Brittany

The Fair at Fougeres

On the Fringe of the Desert

New Light in the Harem

Woman and Child

Puritan and Cavalier

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Early Morning in the Wilderness of Shur

Subsiding of the Nile

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The Song of the Nubian Slave

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The Tired Soldier Resting at a Roadside Well

A Village Holiday in the Olden Time

The Ploughman and the Shepherdess



The Water of the Nile


The Tired Gleaners

The Sudden Rising of the Nile


Rebekah & Abraharn's Servant at the Well

The Marriage Procession

The Shepherdess and Her Flock (study)


The Thames from Windsor Castle

Sheepshearing in Egypt


The Village Holiday (after Wilkie)

Winnowing Corn in Brittany

Hunt the Slipper

The Sick Child

The Relief of Lucknow (Jessie's Dream)

Felice Ballarin Reciting Tasso to the People of Chioggia

The First Born

Agriculture in the Valley of the Nile


Subsiding of the Nile


A Letter from Papa

On the Road to Mandalay


Entering a Church in Brittany

Leaving a Church in Brittany

A Brittany Wedding (study for La Fete de Mariage)

The Swing (study)