Many of these images are from the photographic records of the late Stewart S. Goodall, art restoration specialist for both private collections and public galleries, and his brother, the late Edward Goodall.  When found, some had deteriorated beyond repair while others are continually being restored. 


Entering a church in Brittany 1840

Painted at the age of 18 and exhibited at the Royal Academy



Leaving a church in Brittany 1840

Painted at the age of 18 and exhibited at the Royal Academy

Merrymaking 1841


Workers seeking shade (1840s)


The Tired Soldier.  Painted in 1842 at the age of 20 and sold for 100 guineas.  Now hangs in the Tate Gallery.


Italian Girl.jpg (34508 bytes) 

Italian Girl.  Circa 1842


Abdication of Mary Queen of Scots

A Brittany Wedding


Poultry 1842

Market People in a Boat 1842

The Gypsy Camp

Irish Eviction

Study of a peasant girl spinning from a distaff



An Italian woman circa 1842


A Penny For a Song, 1842.

Also known as The Troubadours


Bedtime 1845


 A distraction from chores.  1845


The Cobbler circa 1844


Irish Cottage Interior circa 1844

Old &Young Come Forth To Play 1847

A Cottage Interior 1842


A Summer's Day 1863

The Post Boy

Spanish Peasants Retreating from the French Army 1846

The Pedlar 1849

The Sick Child 1856

Age and Infancy


A gypsy encampment



The Village Post Office 1849

Le Bon Cure 1845


The Sailor's Farewell 1848


The Heath Cart 1850

The Irish Piper 1847


Hunt the Slipper 1849.  A smaller painting done sometime later.


The Woodsman's House 1850



The Angel's Whisper 1849.  An engraving after Frederick Goodall by his father, Edward Goodall.



The Homely Meal.  A steel line engraving by J. Godfrey of a Brittany painting by F.G. circa 1850.


Raising the May Pole



Travelers  Resting in a Tavern, 1852


The Tired Gleaners 1855


Arabic Boat Scene circa 1862

Raising the May Pole 1855

Oil on panel 25x40cm

Arabs among the Roman ruins. 1851

Village Holiday 1847


    Conscription 1851


Arrest of a Peasant Royalist 1855


A Letter From Papa 1855 



At The Well 1857


Fording the Stream

Circa 1852-1858


John Vooght 1851


   The Swing.jpg (2373780 bytes)

The Swing. Exhibited in 1854 it contains portraits of Fred's family and also those of his friends.   Three boys are Fred's ( Trev 6yrs, Howard 4yrs, Herbert 2yrs) and two are the sons of the engineer  Mr. Page.  Also in the picture are the two daughters of  artist Thomas Jones Barker.  The elder woman is Fred's sister Emily aged 25.


Departure of the Brittany Conscript

    Relief at Lucknow 1858 

   "Jessie's Dream"


Children of Charles 1st

(The three eldest at Hever Castle)

Children of King Charles 1st


Queen Henrietta Maria and her Children on the River

The Happier Days of Charles 1st




Feeding the Swans 1865

Depicts the three eldest children of Charles 1st. at Hever Castle.

Also known as Hever Castle in the time of Charles 1st


Cranmer at Traitor's Gate 1856



Winnowing Corn in Brittany 1858


Rebecca at the Well 1858

Nubian and Laden Camel 1885


Market Day

Helping Hand 1870

Sketch of an Arab woman and child 1859.  This would be one of the 50 sketches and paintings purchased by Ernest Gambart, art dealer.


Young Egyptian 1859.  One of many painted on his first trip to Egypt and all purchased by art dealer Ernest Gambart.

Nubian Coffee Bearer 1863


Rebekah 1867


Felice Ballarin Reciting Tasso 1858

Palm Offering 1866

Cairo Bazaar 1891


The Grand Bazaar 1859

The Opium Bazaar 1863


Ancient Causeway to the Pyramids

Harvesting Sugar Cane 1875

High Society 1861

A Tangier street scene

The Blind Arab and his Guide

A bazaar merchant





Summer Song 1863




Crimea 1862


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Finding of Moses 1862



Italian Girl and Child 1863




A Sheikh Distributing Alms 1865


Early Morning in the Wilderness  1860


Feeding the Chickens

A print made from an early painting.


Holy Mother 1875

A camel in a crowded street 1861

Bazaar in Cairo

Some Water from the Well


Egyptian Flower Girl

A Woman From Cairo 1866 


Rosa Bonheur painting in Scotland circa 1858

Sisters with Flowers 1868


Susannah Without The Elders

A private donation from the U.K.



Fred_Goodall_Telegram_B.jpg (142495 bytes)

Telegram to Fred Goodall from the secretary to the Prince of Wales.


Fred_Goodall_telegram_C.jpg (64067 bytes)

Telegram from the Queen's secretary to Fred Goodall

Fred Goodall telegram.jpg (335111 bytes)

Telegram from the Queen's secretary to Fred Goodall

The School of Sultan Hassan 1861


The studio in Cairo shared by Frederick Goodall and Carl Haag

The oasis.jpg (44953 bytes)

The Oasis  1856


Evening Prayer in the West


Arabs in the Desert 1871


Evening Prayer


Fred G postcard.jpg (116805 bytes)

The Waters Of The Nile on an old post card.


Rebekah and Abraham's Servant at the Well.  1867

Image courtesy of Touchstones Rochdale Art Gallery


The Water Bearers 1878

Image courtesy of the Bourne Gallery (Enter)


Arab Boy Resting 1858


Returning from the Well

Watercolour 1867

Figures by a Well, 1862

A Young Arab


At the Well 1872

A Scene from a Cairo Street 1875

A Sheikh in the Desert  1870

Brick makers


A Woman of Lower Egypt

"Graeme's Dyke"Home of Frederick Goodall

The drawing of Fred Goodall's home at Harrow Weald in 1872 when it was completed was named Graeme's Dyke at the suggestion of  Norman Shaw the architect,   rather than the historical name "Grime's Dyke."   After eleven   years it was sold to a wealthy banker who in turn sold it to W.S. Gilbert.  Today, the house is part of the beautiful Grim's Dyke Hotel which is one of the finest to be found anywhere.


Bedouin on a Camel  1870


A Cairo Street scene 1870

Unloading cotton on the Nile

The Sword of the Faithful 1884


At the Garden Door


Puritan & Cavalier 1886

Fritz and Rica Goodall used as models.




Artist's children Fritz & Rica used as models.


Leaving The Village


A watercolour sketch of Rica and Fritz who were used as subjects for the 1886 painting.  This was one of over 40 water colour sketches of Rica and her brother that were hanging at the London residence on Avenue Rd.


Watercolour sketch of Rica 1878


Unsigned but attributed by the following provenance.   According to an inscription on the mount "This study of a girl's head for a picture (now in the possession of Mrs- of Newcastle) was given to Henry Isaac] Welch Esq [the artist of] Atlantic Lodge Sennen by the artist, Goodall, the former gave it to R G Nesbitt of Boscawen, St Just"

Presently being auctioned on eBay.  Visit eBay for details.


A New Light In the Harem 1884


New Light in the Harem 1885


The water carrier.jpg (67343 bytes)

The Water Carrier 1871



Already He knew 1885

A Dream of Paradise 1889

   Also referred to as Dolce Far Niente which translates as "Carefree Idleness."


Widow of Nain 1874


A Seller of Doves, 1875

Arab Scout, 1870


The Marriage Procession, 1870


The Watering Hole


Study of a young Bedouin girl


Highland Cattle.jpg (46526 bytes)

Highland Cattle 1876.  Exhibited at the Universal Exposition of 1878


A Bedouin Shepherdess 1892


Possibly titled:

The Waters of the Nile



Passionate Encounter


Valley Of The Nile 1893


The Water Carriers 1889


The Well 1897


Bedouin Woman 1871.jpg (57431 bytes)

Bedouin Woman 1871


Village of Metrahenny


On the Banks of the Nile 1895.jpg (37270 bytes)

On the banks of the Nile 1895

Painted in 1867, this small oil on paper has many similarities to the earlier painting "The Palm Offering".  In this painting there is no palm branch.


Palm Offering.jpg (41919 bytes)

The Palm Offering. The original was painted in 1863.

An early photographic print


A small water colour copy of the Palm Offering 1865


Ready for the Journey


A Bedouin Mother and Child.  1871


The Distaff Worker 1878


Subsiding of the Nile, a smaller copy exhibited in the London Guildhall Art Gallery.

 The original and larger version of this painting which  was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1873, ended up in the possession of the city of Cape Town, South Africa, where it presently remains.  It has been very carefully restored to its original condition.  To read the entire story, please click HERE.



Rachel and her Flock 1893

This is a copy of the original 1874 painting.


       An Egyptian Scene


A Shepherdess and Sheep by the nile at Cairo 1888.jpg (108579 bytes)

A Shepherdess and Her Flock


Miranda.jpg (159713 bytes)

Miranda 1896


The Ploughman and the Shepherdess   1897




A Cairo Street


Bedouin Forage Party


Oasis, Camel and Sheep.



A Cairo portrait


Watering the Goats 1884


Memphis 1882


The Kissar Player


Waiting for the boat. 1872

Moving to Fresh Pastures 1880


A typical scene with the pyramids in the distance


Arab_encampment.jpg (35961 bytes)

Arab Encampment


Arab Nomads


Giza 1884


Evening on the Nile

Resting the Yoked Oxen




 Ruins of Egypt sketch.

Sheep Shearing in Egypt.  An early 20th century lithograph.



Shepherds at Gizeh




Resting at the Oasis




The Post Office

A print by G.W. Sharpe    

Flight into Egypt 1997.  This is a smaller painting of the very large 1884 Royal Academy exhibit.


Flight Into Egypt 1884

Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui, in the North Island of New Zealand

 To read more about this painting please click here

The Palm Grove 1894


Hagar and Ishmael 1879




Hagar and Ishmael

Attributed to Frederick Goodall.

A recent restoration.  Click here for more information.


Egyptian Woman and Child

Mary.  A Victorian print


The First Born 1861

Image courtesy of Tim Bowes. 

The Snake Charmer 1901

(Edwardian Print)

Travelers by the Nile 1895


David's Promise to Bathsheba 1888

Holy Mother.  Early 20th century print.


Sheep Shearing in Egypt

Edwardian Print



Fruit Woman.  Print


Coffee shop

Figure at the well


Desert Scene at a Well


A Desert Well


A Cup of Water at the Roadside Well


Nile Overflow 1885

Portrait of an Arab

The Pipe Smoker


Portrait of a girl

A street scene in Cairo

Portrait of a boy

Camels Resting in the Desert 1894


Boy on a Feluca 1896

Resting from the day's Journey 1870


Ladies playing the viola and spinet


A Bedouin Hunter

An Arab Dealer

Arab Boy With Goats 1878

Image donated by Graham Bradley.  For further information  Email


Driving Home the Geese 1898

Infant Samuel


The Evening Meal

For further information

 Click Here




An Eastern Maid


Arabs Crossing a Flooded Field



An_encampment_in_the_desert.jpg (7729 bytes)

An Encampment in the Desert.


An Arab Street


Cairo 1871 An Oasis


The Pyramids at Ghizeh 1896


Song of a Nubian Slave 1880


Scene at a well

The Artist's Wife 1873

Frederick Goodall's wife Alice Mary (Tarry) at the age of 25, painted one year after their marriage.

Rica Goodall, Alice and Frederick's daughter,  1894

Mrs. Frederick Goodall, Alice Mary, age 43. 1891

Rica Goodall Circa 1900

Alice Goodall

Circa 1875

Maternal Affection

Watercolour of unknown subject.  Possibly a family member.

Watercolour of unknown subject.  Possibly a family member.

Old Maid 1886.  Rica Goodall, daughter of the artist, is on the left playing cards with the  daughter of Linley Sambourne, famous cartoonist for Punch magazine.


A shepherdess and her flock at a pool left by the overflow of the Nile.

Portrait of a Young Child

Sunrise at Giza

Sheik's Daughter Sowing the Dourah 1889

Egyptian Landscape. Image donated by Chris Denford


.Waiting for the Dahabeyah, on the banks of the Nile.jpg (51742 bytes) 

Waiting for the Dahabeyah, on the banks of the Nile  1893

Camels and goats

Mosque of the Sultan Hassan 1867

A scene in Egypt

An Arab School.jpg (63791 bytes)

An Arab School


A Street Musician 1870


Another view of the pyramids


The Causeway Road To Cairo, 1899


Chasing Butterflies 1890

Figures on the Nile, Pyramids Beyond


Afterglow, 1892



Collecting Water, 1871



Cairo Street 1875

Cairo Merchant


Meeting at the pool.

Study of an Arab girl 1871

Leading the Flock 1889

Portrait of Mrs.Charles Kettlewell, 1890


Watering Camels 1897

At the Well. 1870


On the Fringe of the Desert


The Prayer, 1862


Sudden Rising of the Nile. Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston.  Restored in 1998.


Cutting rushes by the Nile

Cavalry revue viewed by the Ottoman Empire's Governor and a British Army officer.

Picture courtesy of Oguz Tolga, Istanbul, Turkey


Resting in the desert

The Finding Of Moses



The Way from the Village - Time of inundation.  1882.


Copt Mother and Child 1875



Landscape in Kent 1900

On the Road to Mandalay


The Potteries

Image courtesy of Kuri Haddad Ricardo

The Sheik's Pasture

Image courtesy of Kuri Haddad Ricardo

The Waters of the Nile

Image courtesy of Kuri Haddad Ricardo

Sir Oscar Clayton

Mother and Child 1884

Bedouins in the Desert 1898

Searching for Water 1861

A Bedouin encampment near Sakara

Bedouin on a camel, 1885.

Diana The Huntress

Folkstone Kent 1900

Femme Fatale


A time for prayer 1881


A Family of Farmers 1888



Mystery of the Past 1901

The silhouette of the Sphinx during a desert sand storm


A Cairo Bazaar 1894